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Wednesday, 24 August

Testimony from Robyn

Since doing the program with Pam I have a sense of order to life that was not there previously.  I feel I have a more structured approach to home life and as a result greater peace has been achieved.  I have felt a greater sense of control and peace over my home and a balance of work and caring for my family.  I used to find it difficult to cook home cooked healthy meals but since working with Pam I have learned to cook meals every night of the week.

I would describe Pam as a warm, genuine person and you instantly feel a sense of peace just being in her presence.  She also had a great depth of knowledge about whole food eating and about how to build positive relationships and care for self. The most exciting thing is I lost 12 kilos and have made a lifestyle change.

I would recommend Pam to friends and family interested in changing their lifestyle and eating habits.



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