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Monday, 03 October

Group Sessions

Commencing Wednesday October 19, 2016.

In these Groups we will do the 3 month program where we look at all aspects of health.  We meet once a week for 2 hours and the cost is $30 a week. 

There will be six in each group so there is plenty of time to share and grow. I am hoping to draw  clients with the same needs, so when you fill out the form just let me know what is concerning you with your health, finances, relationships, career or spiritual needs and I will endeavor to connect you to the right group.  In the contact form just write a short statement about your concerns and I will contact you.

 I am offering a complimentary Health History consultation prior to the Group commencing. This is an hour consultation so I can have all your forms and necessary material ready to start on the night.

Lets break into summer with a new lease on life. Let me help you find your best you.





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