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Tuesday, 30 January


I am so excited to announce my website is up for Juice Plus.  I love this product and would highly recommend you have a look and let me know if you have any questions.

On this site,  you will learn  how great this product is and how it has helped so many people to attain optimum health

I look forward to hearing what you think



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Friday, 15 September


I am so excited to share the good news of this fabulous product I have been using now for 2 years.  So what is Juice Plus+, it is a brand of dietary supplements.  It is claimed to be the next best thing to fruits and vegetables.  However, they are not intended to be replacements for fruits and vegetables.  They can help bridge the gap between what you should eat and what you do eat each day.

Ingredients in the Fruit blend :

  • Apple
  • Pineapple
  • Peach
  • Prune
  • Orange
  • Cranberry
  • Payaya
  • Beet
  • Acerola Cherry
  • Date

Ingredients in the Vegetable blend:

  • Carrot
  • Cabbabe
  • Kale
  • Rice Bran
  • Broccoli
  • Beet
  • Tomato
  • Garlic
  • Parsley
  • Spinach
  • Oat Bran

Ingredients in Berry blend

  • Raspberry
  • Bilberry
  • Blueberry
  • Cranberry
  • Pomegranate
  • Concord Grape
  • Blackcurrant,
  • Blackberry
  • Elderberry
  • Artichoke
  • Cocoa

Now the Benefits of JUICE PLUS+

  • Raises blood antioxidant levels
  • Reduces free radicals in the body
  • Reduces DNA damage
  • Reduces homocysteine levels in the blood plasma
  • Improves cardiovascular health
  • Reduces severe symptoms of colds and flu
  • Improves gum health
  •  Simply a great support to a healthy diet and lifestyle.

I have seen great improvement in my clients when I have put them on this product and I am very happy to endorse it.  If you have any questions about this or you need help with your health concerns, please contact me on my email address which is




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Tuesday, 30 May

How to feel good about yourself

How to feel good about yourself.

  1. Be grateful for what you do have.
  2. Breathe, make sure you are breathing. Sounds funny but it is so important to take time out to do some deep breathing
  3. Drink water only when you are thirsty.  We over hydrate ourselves these days.
  4. Eat, only when you are hungry.  We overfeed ourselves too much.
  5. Find Spirituality
  6. Be in good relationships that nourish you and encourage you
  7. Be happy in your career. Seriously it can kill you.
  8. Be generous, give and it will come back to you.  That is in everything, your money, your time, your talents etc… good

Michael Abbott

Having been treated by Pam I can honestly say she is most professional in her attitude to her work . Her knowledge and experience on the subject of wellness ,diet and general heath care is boundless . She explains everything in easy to understand language ,so her basic principles for improving your heath through lifestyle and knowledge ,is easy to understand and more importantly retain .
After only a short time my general heath and attitude towards life improved remarkedly thanks to her very inciteful input . Most importantly she doesn’t judge she just helps . I couldn’t recommended her highly enough . Mike Abbott


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Monday, 15 May
chickepea vegetable recipe soup winter

Healthy Chickpea and Vegetable Winter Soup Recipe

Ready in: 30 minutes
Chickpea Soaking: Overnight

It has been a while but I have been encouraged to write a blog on some healthy recipes I create, which can be made so easily, and can be used over three days for three different meals. I had some chickpeas and a variety of vegetables in the fridge, perfect for a winter soup.

Winter is just around the corner and we still need to keep it healthy and stay on track with our health.  I invested in a slow cooker and it is perfect for busy people.  You can prepare the meal in the morning and let it slow cook all day and dinner is ready when you return.


Cracked pepper
3 Cups of Water
Sweet potato
Bone Broth
Coconut Cream


Firstly I soak overnight a cup of organic chickpeas.

Next morning I place chickpeas and a few spices, turmeric, cinnamon, paprika, garlic and cracked pepper in the slow cooker with 3 cups of water.

Then I add any vegetable I have left in the fridge, e.g. celery, sweet potato, greens, whatever you have and let it cook on low all day. When I arrive home I add a cup of homemade bone broth (will give recipe for this if you need) and a cup of organic coconut cream. There you have it an amazing healthy, warm and nourishing meal for all the family.

The great news is if you have any left over you can drain the mix and add some chia seeds to bind and some besan flour and make rissoles, with a beautiful side of salad and you have another healthy meal.

If there is still leftovers you can blend it up and make a wonderful, nourishing soup.

So easy, so healthy.

Hope you enjoy

X Pam

For health coaching and wellness programs, please send me a message via the contact page.

chickpea recipe


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Monday, 20 February

Starting the New Year HAPPY

Well I am back at the office and ready to kick off 2017

I have just returned from a wonderful break at the Central Coast and feel so happy and relaxed.

I had a revelation whilst away of how we can be happy.  It is a choice and what a difference we can

make to ourselves and the world around us.  Imagine you wake up happy and the decide that no

matter what happens to you that day, you are going to remain happy.  It is hard but it can be done

Think about it and give it a try, if you need help come and see me and I can give you some

strategies on how to improve your attitude and change the world around you. Below are my 

what I help you with and also my schedule of  fees.

Have a wonderful day, week, month, year and life.

Love Pamela Greenacre



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Monday, 30 January

Welcome to 2017

Welcome to 2o17

What a wonderful summer we are having and a warm welcome to 2017

I had a fantastic Christmas and New Year with my family and now starting the year off with a
21 day Detox, Cleanse and Nourish Program.  I love this program as it is easy to do and it comes with all the steps to achieve a great outcome.

I will be writing a whole blog on that for anyone interested in having a fresh start for 2017.

The Group Sessions will be starting up again in March.  These Groups are for people who want to improve on their health but find it more economical to do this in a group setting.  The sessions run for 6 weeks and we meet once a week for 1.5 hours.  The cost is $3o per session.  In these sessions we take the holistic approach.  We look at what might be blocking you from moving forward in your life.  I love these groups and it is amazing just how much we all have in common and how we  can help one another.

I am available for individual consultations. My price for these are $70 per session and these are tailored to the individual.

I look forward to this year and what it is going to bring for my life and others.




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Friday, 30 September


I have written about inflammation before but it is a topic that keeps recurring with my clients.

We don’t realize what it is doing to our bodies.

How do we know if we are suffering inflammation.  Since it is all happening internally, we don’t tend to feel the symptoms of chronic inflammation until it turns into something bigger.  It has been linked to a number of autoimmune diseases, including lupus, rheumatoid arthritis, Crohn’s disease and multiple sclerosis.

So how do we deal with this problem. We can try with an anti-inflammatory diet, also using some supplements such as tumeric, and removing our vices such as cigarettes and alcohol.  Also moderately intense exercise can help decrease inflammation.

I believe its all about getting our gut right and I like to try my clients with a 21 day detox program and in severe cases and if it is possible to try a small fast.

If you have any questions or if I can help you please contact me with the email form below.



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Friday, 15 July

The Good in Feeling Bad

happy face
Not all negative emotions are bad for you

Here are 7 positives about feeling bad…..

  1. Improved memory.
  2. More accurate judgment
  3. Reduced Gullibility.
  4. Reduced Stereotyping
  5. Motivational Benefits
  6. Increased Politeness
  7. Increased Fairness

So there you go some good about feeling bad. You can still receive the rainbow.


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Wednesday, 13 July

How to stop any CRAVING right when it hits…..

When we have a craving we need to ask ourselves what I am really craving.  We maybe feel like we want something sweet but in actual fact,  you just may need a big hug or a good laugh.  Below is a list of things to do when the cravings come.

  1.   Grab some protein   Next time you are feeling like something sweet grab some Greek Yogurt or a handful of nuts.  Wait 20 minutes and if you are still craving something sweet then have a piece of pure dark chocolate.  The idea is that the high protein snack will satisfy your hunger.
  2.    Take 3 deep breaths   Breathing is amazingly powerful.  When you feel a craving coming on that 3 deep breaths and ask yourself, what do I really want.  Am I physically hungry or am I feeling emotional, am I stressed.
  3.    Start laughing   Really!!!! It works and it is contagious.  It can turn into a real belly laugh and it burns so many calories and you feel so much better and forget about the craving.
  4.    Have some water   Sometimes we are just dehydrated and need hydrating.  Have a couple of sips and see what happens……..
  5.   Talk to yourself    Yes its okay to do that… know what you need….you have all the answers inside you.  Ask yourself what am I really craving, your body knows what it needs to be totally healthy and happy.


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