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Monday, 15 May
chickepea vegetable recipe soup winter

Healthy Chickpea and Vegetable Winter Soup Recipe

Ready in: 30 minutes
Chickpea Soaking: Overnight

It has been a while but I have been encouraged to write a blog on some healthy recipes I create, which can be made so easily, and can be used over three days for three different meals. I had some chickpeas and a variety of vegetables in the fridge, perfect for a winter soup.

Winter is just around the corner and we still need to keep it healthy and stay on track with our health.  I invested in a slow cooker and it is perfect for busy people.  You can prepare the meal in the morning and let it slow cook all day and dinner is ready when you return.


Cracked pepper
3 Cups of Water
Sweet potato
Bone Broth
Coconut Cream


Firstly I soak overnight a cup of organic chickpeas.

Next morning I place chickpeas and a few spices, turmeric, cinnamon, paprika, garlic and cracked pepper in the slow cooker with 3 cups of water.

Then I add any vegetable I have left in the fridge, e.g. celery, sweet potato, greens, whatever you have and let it cook on low all day. When I arrive home I add a cup of homemade bone broth (will give recipe for this if you need) and a cup of organic coconut cream. There you have it an amazing healthy, warm and nourishing meal for all the family.

The great news is if you have any left over you can drain the mix and add some chia seeds to bind and some besan flour and make rissoles, with a beautiful side of salad and you have another healthy meal.

If there is still leftovers you can blend it up and make a wonderful, nourishing soup.

So easy, so healthy.

Hope you enjoy

X Pam

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chickpea recipe

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